Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Compassion... meets blogging!

I have mentioned Compassion International on my blog here before and I have had the little compassion button on my sidebar for a while, but I haven't updated you all recently on Brayan and honestly that is not what I am doing now. Right now, I am cluing you in to something else.

Some bloggers go on trips with Compassion. They blog the journey and give people back here a blogger's eye view of the trip.

I have been reading these blogger trips lately and honestly I was reading the last Compassion blogger trip to Africa as well. I have been very impressed with what I have seen coming across these blogs. I have been impressed with Compassion enough that I am now going through an application process to become a Compassion Advocate. Which is essentially a volunteer for Compassion. I will be helping around my area to get the word out about Compassion and what they do. My application process isn't done yet, but I have already received information from them and I have filled out my background check info to send back to them.

Much of this has happened from me reading these blogs, although I was considering becoming an advocate before and I have spent much time praying about it. I felt that this was the right time and I made the plunge. I am very excited about volunteering my time in this way.

I wanted to share the link to these blogs with you. Check them out. Check out Compassion and reach out to a child in need. You will make a difference, not just for now, but forever.

There will be an update on Brayan soon, as I really do want to include all of you in the life of my sponsored child. There is this incredible connection to him that I feel that I never could have imagined. That all needs it's own post, so I will wait until I have more time to write, in the meantime, check out these blogs and think about what you can do.


skissugar said...

I was just reading about the compassion project over at Her kids and husband are on a compassion trip. Her 2 girls each sponsor a child. And they got to meet the kids they sponsor. It looks like a great program! I would love to hear more about it, when you get ready to share :)Maybe put it out to the group and get a whole group together.

Kristen said...

I have been tracking the Dominican Republic trip via the blogs. Todd just returned from a Compassion trip to Peru. His stories are so powerful. The affect that the letters have on the kids is incredible. In fact, in the case of a child who was going to meet his sponsor, those letters were the proof his father had to show his boss to be able to miss work without pay in order to be there to meet the sponsor. I am not sure we can ever truly understand the impact a card, note, or letter has in the life of these children.

Abbie H. said...

Bless you for using your voice for the children and their families who live in poverty.

Will you join us?


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