Sunday, November 2, 2008

eagles and tigers and biologists OH MY!

I do not normally post pictures of my kids on my public blog, but since they have so much on them as far as paint, I decided to go ahead.

Last blog I did post about getting these costumes done just in time. They were done, just in time and I did keep them fairly simple. The Girl has gone as a Bald Eagle, with tags on for K10 and K26, our favorite nest to watch on the web cams. K10 is the dad and K26 is the mom, and she couldn't decide which bird she wanted to be, so she had different tags on her different wings.

She only said that she wanted to be a princess once that night, when she saw a princess that she found particularly attractive. Poor girl her mom talked her into a Bald Eagle.

I made her a white hood that snaps under the chin and brown wings with a white tail attached. I made her talons to just tie on and lay over her feet. I painted her face up with white and yellow. I had wanted to get her a little beak that stays on with elastic, which would have looked neat, BUT I know it would have been uncomfortable and she wouldn't have kept it on, so really it would have just been for pictures.

The Boy was a white tiger and I basically just used a pajama pattern to make the top and bottom. I made the tail to just stick in the back of his pants and I whipped up the hat without a pattern... it was pretty simple, but The Boy didn't really like it. I think he didn't really like the way the stripes were running, but I just didn't have tons of fabric left to make choices of for the hat. Ah well... It was so easy I am tempted to make hats like these for kid Christmas presents. Overall he really liked it and has been wearing them for PJs constantly and doesn't want to change. The only thing I wish I had done was feet covers for his feet with the claw on them, but there is just so much time in a day.

I also painted up his face and he loved that. They were the only ones there with their faces painted and although the paint didn't stay on because of small eagles and tiger drinking from water fountians and then wiping their faces on their costumes, they loved the paint and the fun that it was.

My little eagle did get tired of her wings and she did take them off part way through, but she really liked it and I can see much pretend play coming from these costume.

One guy did mistake this tiger costume for a zebra costume and I was slightly miffed, BUT no one else mistook it at all. It was the way he said it though that really annoyed me and he said it that way in front of The Boy and that bugged me too. If he didn't "get" the costume fine, but don't use grown up sarcasm about my son's costume in front of my son. He loved it... except for the hat and I have a feeling he will be wearing this costume out before he out grows it.

Oh! I did go as a wildlife biologist... my costume was simple. I wore jeans and my green corduroy shirt with a name tag stuck in the pocket. On the name tag I simply wrote wildlife biologist. I figured this was pretty right on for the night as I kept up with my tiger and my bald eagle. Periodically I had to catch them and check to see what they were eating and check for contaminants in their food (candy)... heheh...

Next year I would like to keep the costumes even more simple... as I was slightly stressed over getting them done on time. I think we will go as scary unsocialized homeschoolers. ;)
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skissugar said...

The costumes turned out wonderful!!! Great Job!!

FHL said...

Anna they turned out terrific!!!

Ok, I made a mean joke about Zebra adult that I felt guilty about posting on the internet and that's me making a mess of your comments! :o)


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