Friday, November 21, 2008

freebie friday: jelly telly

So, some of you know who Phil Vischer is and if you don't, then you know what he is most famous for. Veggie Tales. If you don't know what Veggie Tales are then you need to stop right now, and get out of your mom's basement and come into the light and have a little chat with me.

About two years ago Phil Vischer started a new company, since he no longer owns Big Idea (and therefore does not own Veggie Tales) and this new company is called Jelly Fish. There is an interesting reason for that, which once again, I am not discussing today. Hehe... just to keep you guessing.

Now, if you want to hear Phil's take on Jelly Telly this is it. He speaks better for himself and his new ministry then I ever could here, so I will let him take the mic for the moment, while I go chase down crazy children of mine.

Alright, so now you have an idea of what Jelly Telly is. If you want more information go check out their site. You can sign up the first month for free and check it all out. My kids really enjoy it. I do find that portions of it feel contrived and as of yet they are not up to the standards that Veggie Tales were BUT... if you look back at the beginning Veggie Tales you will see how far a dedicated creative Christian ministry can come. The important part? My kids like it.

I am not getting anything from them for talking about it here. I just wanted to pass on this neat info! So, go on and check it out!

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