Monday, November 17, 2008

not me!!!! my house is always sparkling!

I never, ever leave toys out on the livingroom floor from one day to the next. I ALWAYS pick them up every night. I did NOT leave these out last night.

My post last week made one of my dear friends question my book nook practices and she was floored that my book nook always looks perfect. The books are always lined up nicely on the shelf. They are NEVER EVER out of place.

I would never, ever polish a book shelf and carefully line up the books and carefully adjust the lighting in the room to get great pictures for a blog post. Nope never.

This is obviously NOT MY Book Nook.

We never leave books on the floor, or on top of the shelves, or anywhere but where they belong.

AND speaking of that Works for Me Wednesday Post of mine. I did NOT post the wrong link initially to Shannon's blog. I did NOT post my last NOT ME monday link to it. I did not also post a second link on Mr. Linky to the correct post to my blog, then email Shannon asking her to delete the wrong one. Shannon did NOT delete the correct post, nope... then I did NOT ask her AGAIN to delete the wrong post, she did NOT delete it. Then when I posted the correct one AGAIN... she did not read my comment about the problem and without realizing it... She DID NOT delete my link... again. ALL BECAUSE I AM NOT A TOTAL AIR HEAD SOMETIMES. NOPE.

I did NOT stay up WAY too late last night searching Ebay for a bear my daughter had lost. I did NOT enlist the help of numerous people on a forum to help me. One of those blessed people did not have to listen to my screams as I did not thank her for her help in locating said bear.

I did not let my children continue to make a mess of my livingroom this morning when they should have started school work. They did not take all the cushions off my sofa again and make islands to have air fields on.

Nope, we don't live on an Air Force base.
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Tricia said...

SO you are human??? Love it :)

Jenny said...

woooohoooo! I thought I was the only one that left the toys out!

Jill said...

Ha! Your house looks like mine!
Great Not Me's!

FHL said...

Chuckling ;o)

Keyona said...

Now I am greatful my leather couch can't come apart. Hello from Bolling AFB! :o)


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