Thursday, November 6, 2008

Penguin Polls

Just to name a few... things we did on November the fourth.

We saw Math Blocks and we saw how the Penguins like Math U See blocks. Penguins make math more fun too.

We voted and saw what a ballot looked like and we discovered that there was little of the fun in it no matter what their momma said. The Girl dressed up for this event and was even found to be chanting, "USA, USA, USA!" All around the house.

I was voter 204 at my polling place. It was an exciting thing for me, even though my kids just looked at me when I was done and asked, "Was that it?"

That night we did count up some of the states electoral votes and were tallying up the points for the different candidates. At every state one of my kids cheered and one was booing cause they were rooting for different parties. It made the night much fun! We did put them to bed though before the night was through. They may have loved to stay up, but we had a big day the next day.

This day does have another segment for those of you on the family blog list. I really wish I could share the other pictures here but somethings just don't work out that way.

Blogger was acting strange with these pictures tonight, so I hope they turned out.


Jenny said...

You can go ahead and color NC blue. The results were just finalized today. North Carolina time is a little bit longer than the rest of the country.

ethan said...

ooh I love those pictures may I use them on the Math-U-See blog?


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