Monday, November 17, 2008

simply bear

This story starts actually four years ago with a Momma who was desperately trying to potty train a two year old boy, who was frankly not ready to potty train. You may guess that she had never had a little boy before this one and she was a bit caught up in that whole momma mess where we are judged by what our children do developmentally. This young momma promised this little boy many things if he would just go potty ON the potty. He was doing pretty good with peeing on the potty, it was that other large annoyance he was having problems with. Finally his sweet little momma promised him that she would buy him a Thomas The Tank Engine train if he would do his big job on the potty.

One unforgettable day the little boy did this! The world cheered and the sun shone and the birds twittered, (not so unlike how bloggers twitter now). The young momma instantly decided that they needed to run out immediately and purchase this train, so she quickly strapped in the little two year old boy and the little seven month old girl and she headed for the village limit. THEN she had a thought... what if the small gift store that is actually located in this minuscule town carries Thomas stuff? She pulled her car right into a front parking spot at this small store and saw the Thomas sign in the front window. She strapped the baby girl in her stroller to contain her and she led the little super excited boy into the store full of collectibles and breakable things.

They headed right around the corner to where the Thomas stuff was and the little boy set right to playing with all the trains on the table. The baby girl was getting bored so the silly, young momma picked up a nice little bear that was handy and tossed it into the stroller for the baby girl to play with while the Momma searched for the coveted train.

The train was found! The boy was thrilled but he still continued to play with the trains on the store's train table. The momma turned to check on the quiet baby girl to find her with the tag of the bear in her mouth. The Momma's eyes got big and she carefully took the bear from the little girl's grip. The tag was completely mauled and unfortunately was one of those tags that people actually care about. The small red heart shaped tags that we are all so familiar with.

The young Momma's budget was tight and she wasn't planning on buying a bear and a train, but buy it she must and buy it she did. She planned on putting the bear in the baby's Christmas stocking because the baby would never know the difference and on Christmas morning the baby didn't.

As the years passed the bear was slowly toted around more and more. He was taken out to the yard where he had the pleasure of eating sand.

He was left on the floor to be tumbled about.

He was dressed up as a knight with his friends in the Girl's room.

He was snuggled in bed until he was quite smooshed. (look right down by her feet)

He was loved and loved and he was always called Bear. Simply Bear. Nothing fancy, nothing too haughty... just Bear.

Then the dreaded day came when Bear couldn't be found. He was missing. The Momma's head spun as she tried to think of where Bear could be. She tried thinking back to where Bear could have been taken and left and she couldn't remember where Bear had been last.

The, now five year old, girl and her now seven year old, brother and the, not as young, Momma asked everywhere they frequented if Bear was lurking in the lost and found bin. The Librarians were quite excited when they thought they had found the owner of a bear they had hiding in their bin, but it turned out to be someone else's bear waiting for their own owner. The other bins? They turned up Bearless.

The girl made Missing posters for Bear. She drew his picture on them and drew on his sweet green plaid bow and his sweet fluffy fur and she cried. Tears slid down her face and the Momma looked on worried. Anytime Bear was mentioned the Girl's eyes got large and started to well up with tears.

Finally, after Bear was not turning up by asking around lost and found boxes, the Momma took to the computer and started looking for Bear. Perhaps he was hanging out on that ebay place. Perhaps someone had located a long lost twin brother of bear somewhere else.

This Momma looked and looked and asked questions and searched. Finally one night, with several of the Momma's friends also looking, a sweet helper sent a link with a picture and the Momma's eyes lit up with such joy that she nearly fell out of her desk chair! She studied the face, she studied the body and she studied the price for flying Bear home and she pushed the little Buy It Now button.

Momma is now awaiting the arrival of bear and if it is indeed the one and the only Bear, then this sweet Bear will once again grace a stocking hanging carefully waiting for a little girl to find him and give him those hugs that only a little bear-struck girl can give.


Tricia said...

Ah, Anna....what a sweet sorry to her Bear is lost....I hope Bear's twin is identical. Man, what a sight to see when she sees it!

Anna said...

Oh! Tricia,
I forgot to tell how Bear was almost left at your house on the trip. :) Poor Bear.

skissugar said...

I am glad you found a 2nd Bear. I bet she has been devistated.. that really will make the perfect Christmas for her :)

FHL said...

Oh I can just picture your sweet little girl drawing her missing posters :o( I hope the new one is a twin and I hope you find the long lost one as well :o)

(J has a "just bear" brown bear as well. I think it's such a sweet simple name.....)

Kristen said...

I can only imagine what we would do if Doggie were lost. I am afraid that if I found an ebay version, it would look way too new. Doggie is irrevocably loved looking. I am sorry Bear has been lost. I hope the twin is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed at how quickly our Mitford sisters came to the rescue. TR is awesome to have found it so quickly. And the price so reasonable. Please let us all know if it is indeed THE Bear.

I doubt you can wait until Christmas.


PS I love the way you just told the story. :)

mercy's child said...

Anna, I loved how you told the story of your dear daughter and how Bear came to be a part of her life. My son once had a cuddly stuffed Pikachu (a Pokemon character) that he carried everywhere. We left it in our hotel room at the beach by accident, but thank goodness the cleaning staff had found little Pikachu and turned him in to the front desk. He arrived in the mail a few days later. My son was thrilled and, for the next year or so, told everyone that his Pikachu had "hid under the hotel bed" because he didn't want to go home from the beach yet! The whole family still refers to it as "Pikachu's big adventure"! :)

Hugs, Colleen


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