Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The kids and I will be going out to vote today. They are both pulling for different candidates which makes my life interesting here. Their choices are fueled completely by looks which makes me giggle but sigh at the same time, because I fear for how many vote on appearances, on either side of that narrow purple line.

They are also slightly confused by a children's book we read. We read the book Grace for President and we all really enjoyed it. The problem is that they have been asking me questions like, "Will we go up on a stage with you to vote in front of everyone?" "Will there be games to play, like bowling when we go vote." I have since told them that really, voting for them, from their point of view will be very boring. They will get to stand in line with me and I will show them the ballot and all the choices on it. And I will vote and they will wonder why I am not on a stage in Congress letting the world know how I vote. We will be taking snacks and things to do in case this takes awhile. I do not know what things are normally like here as far as voting, but I do not think there will be games and I do not think they will ask me to represent my state on stage for the Electoral Votes of this great state.

This is my first time in a very long time to be voting in person. My previous state gave me major grief about getting my lisense renewed so I had to renew my license here and therefore I am able to vote here. I am very excited about getting out to pull that lever and vote today. I have voted absentee for years and so this voting experience for me is unique and exciting.

I will probably take my camara with me cause it is my third child. Maybe I can get some neat pictures while we are out. I can call my next post, "voting in the middle of america." Yup, that is catchy... I personally think my titles here on this blog are amazing. Notice the one for today. I know it blew you away.

So, I may post pictures later, but for now, get out and vote. Vote early and vote often, as one of my favorite people in this world says.

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brian said...

Bowling! I think the addition of a few lanes to a whole host of environments, in fact, would be a welcome innovation in our workaday world.


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