Thursday, December 18, 2008

advocate for compassion

Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.

I had my Compassion International interview recently. I think I mentioned some of this back in my post about Compassion Bloggers. I am in the process of becoming a Compassion Advocate. This is a purely volunteer position and I will be a voice here in our area to try to get the word out about helping these children.

I had sent in all of my information to Compassion including the paperwork for my background check and was awaiting my training DVDs or something. I didn't think it would take that much for me to just tell people that they need to sponsor a child in need. I mean... really. Then I found that Compassion isn't like most places with volunteers. I received an email from a wonderful lady and then a phone call from her and she scheduled an interview for me to speak with her uninterrupted for at least 45 minutes. I gulped. That is a long time for an uninterrupted phone call in my house. I homeschool! I have kids that think they should and can have access to me at absolutely ANY time of day or night.

Thankfully it worked out fine because my sweet John had the day off work.

We talked on the phone for over an hour, she explained how the Compassion advocates work and how the training works and how we have meetings and get togethers and conferences and many other things. That made it sound really complicated and demanding but it really isn't. There is a great support network and there is awesome training and there are wonderful opportunities for ministry as well, but you set up how much you can do and you make those decisions for yourself and your family. I am hoping that our whole family can have opportunities to become involved in this ministry.

What I am impressed with is that they have all of this set up for volunteers! They will have people in place to help me with my training. Some of which is done online and some on a conference call. They do not want volunteers telling people wrong information because we are the ones on the ground here and in many ways we are the face of Compassion here where we are. That makes so much sense.

I am looking forward to my training. To learning more about this company and to being able to help more children find someone to help them.

My family has been blessed beyond measure already through Compassion. It is amazing how blessed you can be while blessing others isn't it?!

The kids and I wondered in the past what the world would be like if everyone in our country stepped out and sponsored just one child with Compassion. Just ONE! What would the world look like? How many lives would be literally saved from hunger?

I will keep you updated on this training of mine and what it entails. I decided to go ahead and post this information on my blog because maybe some of you would consider becoming an advocate as well. Maybe once you see what it is like through my eyes you will be encouraged.

In the meantime, there are waiting children. Even though my training isn't done, I can help you find a child to sponsor. Please let me know if you are ready to reach out to a child in need.

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FHL said...

Our local radio station was partnering with Compassion today in hopes of finding sponsors for children in an entire village! They thought it would take all day and by mid-morning they were scrambling to start on a new village! We were listening to it on the way to base this morning and by the time we got to the gate I was a drippy pathetic mess! Poor guard probably thought my husband was deploying or something! It was so touching! I didn't think J was really paying attention but by the time we got to the door of the hospital J was telling me all about how "1 person can't help 5000 children....but imagine what could happen with 5000 people helping." He was soooo serious....ugh, it almost opened the floodgates again!!!

I think it's awesome that you're partnering with them A~ I know you will be a blessing to many!!!



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