Thursday, December 4, 2008

brought to you by the united states air force

John and I do not have TV channels to speak of. We sorta get in PBS and once in a while some great snow, but that is about it. We do watch movies and what not but we fulfill our TV show desires on hulu. Now, if you haven't heard of hulu then you should go check it out and see what you can watch for free. No cable bill here!

Tonight we watched the new episode of Chuck. We really enjoy Chuck... and we often will catch The Office and 30 Rock, or whatever else we decide to waste time on.

Hulu has minimal commercials during the show and they are always just one sponsor per show. Tonight, that sponsor was the United States Air Force and they had about four spots or so interspersed through the show.

It was just very amusing to us because as the show started it said, "This show is brought to you by the United States Air Force." Since I still get a kick out of the fact that John is in the military (don't ask it is a complicated and weird part of me) I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. He laughed and replied, "We should have that announcement on everything here."

Can't you just see it? I open my microwave, bought with money from my husband's paycheck, and the microwave says, "Brought to you from the United States Air Force."

The thought of this made me laugh every time an AF commercial came on. I can see everything in my house covered with tags labeling how we got everything we own.

The military is a different world and they do tend to own you. Once I was very much awake and it was quite late and John was trying to go to sleep, but I really needed to get all my words out for the day and I kept talking to him (I am sure those of you that know me are shocked with this information). And finally he whined at me, "This is abuse of government property." I laughed so hard that I about fell off the bed.

The problem is that this is so true. We are a home where all the income comes from the military. He is their property and all we have should say as you use it, "Brought to you by the United States Air Force."

Every now and then I have to remind the kids that Daddy has to work. Frankly, they would rather he be home everyday to play with them. I have to tell them that Daddy works so we can have a nice warm home and food for them to eat and all those things. Every now and then I need to remind myself and my family that the Air Force doesn't own all we have. Sure, they own this house and they sorta own my husband in some ways, but they do not really own any of it.

All of this belongs to God. Every stick. Every penny. Every blanket. Every bear. Every hand woven mohair blanket. It is all His. We are just borrowing it all.

So, what would be even more interesting is if everything in this house had labels on it saying, "Brought to you by God."

If my little one walked in for breakfast with a night gown, embroidered on the front, "Brought to you by God." Would I reconsider ever getting snippy with her? Would I hug her tighter if I were reminded of this constantly? Would children anywhere be abused? Neglected? Forgotten?

What a different place we would live in if things had that label everywhere we went.


Tricia said...

I so enjoy your "rambling" ;)
Thanks for sharing...

Jill said...

What a great post. It is so easy to forget that our little angels are God's gifts to us. Especially when they get on our nerves! :)
I love your sense of humor about being a military family.
We love hulu around here, too!

FHL said...

You know, K & C both have embroidery machines...we could actually get some of those jammies made ;o)

Good reminder!

I'm off to the gal's bazaar this morning....I'm tempted to take a coffee and linger...I think D is already bracing for that to happen...tee hee :o)


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