Wednesday, December 3, 2008

get the lead outta yer...

Toys. Yup, Lead in toys, we have all heard about it. Many of us have sent toys in to be replaced... I know I did. I remember being SO mad that toys that my son had played with everyday for three years, toys that were quite pricey had lead on them.

Actually his favorite engine had lead on it. The paint was flaking off of this engine because it was so well loved but what do you do? Whinging about it fixes nothing so you move on and pray a little harder for your kids.

Tonight this article caught my eye on CNN

After reading this article and cringing, I went to the site they referenced in the article and found out some very interesting things.

So, on this site, you can look up specific toys, you can look up the worst toys and you can look up the best toys and you can spend your time with your chin hitting the key board in shock.

Now... is this accurate? Who knows. I certainly don't and there isn't tons I can do about it. I suppose I can run out and buy a lead testing kit to test my toys myself for lead, but what about Mercury? Chlorine? Arsenic?

This toy has high levels of Mercury in it according to Healthy and though I do not have this toy I have considered purchasing this toy before.

On the site it does contain this:


The information on is meant to provide general information to the public on whether or not certain chemicals were detected in tested children's products. did NOT conduct studies to determine if the chemicals of concern will migrate or come out of the product, causing a direct exposure. Therefore, can not determine whether the presence of these chemicals in a product results in human exposure, nor can estimate the health risk posed by any product. Studies intended to examine whether or not chemicals of concern do come out of products under various conditions can be done. Some manufacturers report having done studies of this kind. Please contact manufacturers directly if you are interested in that information.

The test results shown on the site apply only to the specific toys tested. Earlier or later versions of the same toys may contain different chemical formulations.

So, that makes me feel barely, slightly better.

This holiday, I plan on giving my kids twigs grown in my organic garden and some sweet mohair blankets spun and woven myself from the goats I personally sheared out on the farm. No really... they will love these gifts I am sure.

This summer past we built a sandbox for the kids in the backyard and I built it out of the most basic pine boards I could find. The guy at the lumber yard tried telling me that I needed to use pressure treated lumber and I told him he was crazy because of the levels of arsenic in it. He told me that my sandbox would only last a couple of years. I then informed him that we didn't really plan to be in this area that long anyways because of this whole military thing and that if I really needed to, I would willingly rebuild my sandbox in a few years.

In a later conversation with my dad he asked me what I used to build the sandbox and seemed quite pleased when I told him. He then apologized for using Pressure Treated lumber on our outside gym and on the sandbox we had growing up. I was more then willing to forgive him; he made the best choices he could for his kids at the time he made them.

As parents we can only make decisions on the best information we have at the time. We should not be paranoid and panicky, but we should be cautious and wary.

I think that is the best advice I can give on this.


Jill said...

I can't believe they haven't nipped the 'lead paint on the toys' thing in the bud by now. I can't even begin to get started on everyday poisons that people feed their kids and don't even realize what they are doing. I share your frustration. :(

brian said...

"This holiday, I plan on giving my kids twigs grown in my organic garden and some sweet mohair blankets spun and woven myself from the goats I personally sheared out on the farm."

Strangely, it took me a second to realize this was a joke...and I mean this as a compliment, in the sense that I know you are probably capable of doing these things!

Anonymous said...

I DO have those foam letters. I don't let anyone bite on them or anything, we just use them for paint stamps. I think I'll take my chances.

Liz (Okie)

FHL said...

Disturbing.....& sad.......


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