Monday, December 15, 2008

gingerbread jealousy

So, I am about to sit down with my kids and make gingerbread houses and I have a problem. I want to make my own. I only bought enough for the two of them. I really am having issues here! I want to do my very own sweet perfect gingerbread house!

I will post pictures later of the finished houses, and maybe someday I will take the time to make my own masterpiece. In the meantime, you can watch this video of what my masterpeice would look like. No... really... it would. I have Neccos!


Jill said...

I can't wait to decorate gingerbread houses with our girls when they get older. Sounds like a fun family project!

Anastasia said...

It looks like it would take a bit more than Neccos (and a zillion of those, too!). The best part of this video was seeing Miss Piggy say all the things that most of us think when we watch Martha ("and it only took 10 000 manhours to make!"). It is beautiful, though.

FHL said...

Only Martha would make a blue gingerbread mansion! Would you do the windows as well!?

Sorry you got stuck behind that Grandma driver earlier....She's a black ice fraidy cat ;o)


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