Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i wanna be a widow

My daughter wants to be a widow.

She came into my room one morning not long ago and announced her decision. I smiled slightly and asked, "Do you know what a widow is?"


"Well, let me know you. A widow is a woman who was married and her husband has died."

"Oh.... Yup, that is what I want to be. A widow."

I had to giggle. My daughter wants to get married and have her husband die?!

Fast forward to today when she was playing with her Mr. Potato Head toy and she made a pretty potato and announced, "This is a widow."

Now, I am not sure what she is thinking exactly with these widow things. I think part of it is from the Bible stories we read about the widows in the Bible. She knows the stories of Elijah and the Widow and she knows the story of the widow and her offering in the temple. I can only suppose that these are influencing her remarks. Perhaps they are drawn as pretty ladies in the book? I have no idea. Perhaps she remembers how God commands us to care for the widows and the orphans and she wants cared for?

In the meantime, while other little girls dream of having weddings with their pretty things, my daughter dreams of her husband dying and her being alone! YIKES!


Anonymous said...

I love it! That is so your little Miss:)

Love, the Edwards

FHL said...

Oh dear that just gave me a good belly laugh! Only your girl!!! Too funny!

Susan said...

A black widow maybe, they are beautiful and have an hour glass figure.


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