Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have so many posts started and I just need the time to finish them up and wind up my thoughts into some conclusive point. It hasn't happened yet, but it is bound to happen. Right? I certainly hope so. The problem occurs when I get a thought in the middle of the day and I sit down to write, then I have to hop up to take cookies out of the oven. Then I have to put tea on, then I have to pour some lemon zinger tea for some small people to have with a fresh baked cookie. Then I have to get up to clean up the lemon zinger from the floor because the said little people were giggling too hard at silly jokes and knocked the tea all over the floor. Ah the giggles... I could do without the tea on the floor, but I certainly can't deal without the giggles.

That in a nut shell is why I start MANY blog posts and often do not finish them. Of course, the scenario often changes but it is still so much the same.

I finally have all the presents under the tree and I have the stockings stuffed and I have the last Jesse tree ornament ready and waiting with the Bible open and I have to lay out my clothes and wake early to celebrate the day our Savior came here. The day he lowered himself to walk with us.

What a moment.

What an incredible point in time when we celebrate this absolutely amazing point in the life history of our world.

To you, to yours, to all of us here to celebrate on this small blue planet.

Merry Christmas, may it be your best yet.


merri said...

Merry Christmas to you too Anna, I hope you and your family had an absolutely wonderful day!

Laura said...

Merry Christmas Anna. I loved reading all about the generosity of your family's heart this Christmas morning. May He bless you all as you blessed many!

FHL said...

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Did you guys make it out to the soup kitchen ministry?

FHL said...

Well, I'm hoping you don't go.... But that's only because I'm selfish, miss you guys, and am hoping you can come over for N.Y Eve ;o)


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