Wednesday, December 17, 2008

until they found a little house covered in candy...

There is nothing like Neccos for the roofing of gingerbread houses. I wonder if even the witch in Hansel and Gretel used Necco wafers?

The Boy made this little wreath for the back of the house. I thought it turned out quite well done.

I don't know that I would have been able to resist the sight of the sun shining through gumdrops either. The witch would have had me too!

The Boy working fervently on gluing on as much candy as possible. Can there ever be enough glued on?

Somehow I doubt the witches table was as messy as mine, but she was getting ready to eat kids, not letting kids consume copious amounts of sugar.

The Girl's finished house.

The Boy's finished house.

We did use a basic Wilton house kit. I don't really like to admit that, it is sorta like using a mix to make cookies. The deal is, I have decided that I will use the box because then I will have time to get it done. If I had to make the dough and bake it and cut it just right I am not sure we would have made the houses at all and I am so glad that we did make the houses. I will also add that I knew that Wilton put a pathetic amount of candy in the box and I bought plenty of my own to finish them off. The box didn't contain Neccos for example and I was set on having Neccos.

I did help with the roofs but they did them... and I did give suggestions on a few things, but they created. I did teach them how to make the icicles hang on the side of the roof, but those weren't really all that exciting for the kids to make. That took too much patience for them.

Maybe someday I will take the time to make my very own gingerbread house and will make it beautiful and exactly how I want it. Sometimes it is hard for me to not say a word as they make their own house the way they want their own house to be. Sometimes it is hard, but I am always so grateful when I keep my mouth shut. They come up with amazing things on their own that way. For example, I love the way The Girl put the little candy balls all over the roof. She loved playing with them and dropping them all over the floor and I loved the way they ended up looking.

The Boy created that sweet wreath and lined the edges of his area with those gum drops and I love the way that turned out.

The Girl said that so far this was her favorite part of the Christmas Season. That made it worth my keeping my mouth shut and made it worth the huge mess that was my kitchen and made it worth the tons of sugar I let them inhale.


FHL said...

Oh my, those turned out terrific! I think those little homes are 100% proof that they've inherited some of their mother's artistic genes!

FHL said...

*chuckling* I was actually about to shut down the computer (who so needs a name....maybe issy- short for insomany *wink*) when I saw your comment notification pop up in the email. :o)

Well I'm off to tuck in my Pookster before heading to bed. I bought him this little hanging toy and he's all crazy and squeaky's hysterical!

I'm rambling......goodnight A~ :o)

Jill said...

What fun! :)

Scooter said...

Those are awesome! I get a lot of stuff from Wilton, and they are great. We have sometimes made one gingerbread house, and I, too, let the Littles decorate to their hearts' desires. Someday, I want to make a masterpiece all my own, but that will have to wait until my job doesn't require leaving the house for a large part of the day, my kids don't have a desire to massage their own creative juices with royal icing, and there aren't two dogs who would gladly take all that gingerbread, candy and icing off our hands.


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