Monday, January 19, 2009

not me, I certainly do not live in a children's museum

Ah... the life of a stay at home, homeschooling momma is just so tough. This week I did many things and I did not do many things. MCKmamma over at My Charming Kids hosts the blog carnival, Not Me Mondays, and I participate because, well... I can.

Basically, you lie on your blog. A lot. With lots and lots of brutal honesty! So here we go!

This last week I did NOT skip church Wednesday night. I did not skip church to clean for friends who were coming. I would never put the cleanliness of my home before my worship of God. Not me.

I also did NOT stuff an inordinate amount of junk on my desk into a file drawer beside the desk. I would never, ever do that. I always, always sort through things and file them as soon as they hit my desk... I mean... come on! Who would ever just stuff things in drawers? I never ever do that.

I did NOT feed my daughter popcorn for dinner last night. Nope. The boys went to go watch the football game at church and she and I did not just sit and watch movie and munch all night. I would never, ever do that. I suppose she did not also have soy hot dogs for dinner. And I am not a paranoid mom who still cuts all hot dogs lengthwise for my nearly 6 and nearly 8 year old kids. I would never be that paranoid and weird. Nope.

I did NOT visit the local children's museum this last week and wonder what it would take for me to basically redo my entire home in Children's museum style. I mean, really? Why would I want my kids to love their home? Why would I want swings hanging in my hall way? I would never even consider doing that. Crazy.

I do NOT have a copy of Photoshop Elements still sitting on my desk uninstalled. Nope. I would never procrastinate on something I have wanted on my computer for awhile. I would install that puppy ASAP!

Oh, and I did NOT actually pray for my children to just sleep any night this week. I mean, come on? I love singing sweet songs to my little ones regardless of how extremely exhausted and cranky I am. My house looks like pictures like this every night at bedtime. JUST like it. I never lose my cool at night and wish that I could just toss them in bed... clothes still on, not bathed, no teeth brushed, no prayers. I am a very responsible mom who would never ever consider doing that to her children. (gosh, I feel guilty just writing that!)

To check out what other people did NOT do this week, head on over to visit mycharmingkids and keep giggling on a loverly Monday.


TuTu's Bliss said...

I am not so jealous that you have the new photoshop elements..NOPE NOT ME! I am never jealous at others great fortune ;) hugs, Jen

Cammie said...

popping over from mckmama...great list!

Kelli said...

lol, great list! I never stuff things in my drawers either, or give my children unhealthy things for dinner (read my post and see!) or put them to bed unbathed. Nope

Mom To Six said...

Too funny! Especially the picture of the mama holding the baby at bedtime. Definitely not the image at our house!


Momof3 said...

Those are great!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

We call that drawer over at our house the 'miscellaneous' drawer.
I just got the trial version for Photoshop Elements and I love it. Have fun!

lidiya said...


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