Monday, January 12, 2009

not me, I mean really... look around!

I have Not left up my Christmas Blog template simply because I am too tired to take the time to move it all around again. I do not look at my own blog in disgust because of this. Never.

Last week I did Not wait until the last minute to work on my son's Pinewood derby car. I did not want to wait for my husband to help him and I did not go ahead and cut the shape out myself. I was not worried that I would cut my fingers off and did not finally decide to use the ever helpful vice-grip in cutting out the shape of the car. I did not leave a bad cut groove on the top of the car that took way too long to sand out. I would never do that.

I also did not guide my little Tiger Cub's design theory on the car to make it more appealing. Anyone can put flames down the side of a car, but not just anyone can paint tiger stripes coming down the sides of a car and pull it off. When he won best use of color for his car design I did not smirk slightly at the fact that a 32 year old mom had just won best use of color. Nope.

I did not completely blame my husband when the car came in dead last in 4 of the 6 times it raced. I was so sweet and didn't say a word when I noticed that the axles were slightly crooked.

I have Not waited until now to send out the last of my Christmas packages. I did NOT try to make this alright by quickly printing off some pictures of the kids with the gifts from each person to make it alright. I also did not for the first time use real photo paper in my printer and become amazed at how well it printed and what a big difference it made. I am not behind on the times when it comes to this stuff. Honest.

My garage certainly does Not look like it exploded all over the floor and my dear friend who is coming to visit will certainly Not be sucked into it like a black hole never to return again. I am sorry dear friend. I will try to control the black hole before you get here, but this black hole just hates me with a passion. No kidding.

I have not just sat here writing this post when I should be making the kids breakfast. Nope. Not me. I would never put my writing, or erm... lying before the kids breakfast.





Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I don't ever neglect my kids and play on my blog, either.
Cool car!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday. Those cars look amaizing

Kristen said...

LOL! I like black hole garages...are there any other kinds? Do not straighten on my know glass houses and all.

Lynette said...

Hey there. I linked from the Not me Monday on My Charming Kids and low and behold I recognize this template! I used it this Christmas too! And guess what? Lena is my sister-in-law. So cool at how small the world is.

FHL said...

I did not just get around to reading your Monday post on Friday! Yikes, where are the days going!!!!

Tell your boy that I think his car looks terrific!


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