Monday, January 26, 2009

not me monday~ cardboard cookies

Monday is a special day here. I participate in MCK Mamma's Blog Carnival and I get to tell you things that I would not normally tell you, but I get to lie. So, these are things that I did "not" do this last week. It is a sad tale, so pull out the kleenex!

Last Monday I did NOT bribe my children to do their best at swim lessons by promising them something "special if they did a good job listening to their teachers. When they did a great job I did NOT fly around trying to come up with something for them. Not me. I had it all planned obviously. I did NOT finally find a box cookie mix for gingerbread bears that was a year old. Nope. Not me.

I did NOT mix up these cookies that were a year old and expect them to taste normal. I would never do this. Ever.

The kids did love the cookies. They loved decorating them and since my kids are angelic they would never decorate the poor bear like he had an alien coming out of his stomach. Not me. Not my kids. Nope.

I did NOT eat one of these cookies and wonder what was wrong?! They did NOT taste like cardboard on a bad day.

I did NOT let my kids eat these cookies. That would be something that a bad mother would do... Not Me.

So, I did NOT toss these cookies in the trash as fast as I could and make fresh new cookies for my kids and my dear husband.
Not Me.

Oh, and to comment on what I am actually doing on this Monday? I am NOT frantically copying lots of fun things for my kids to present at the geography fair tomorrow, cause I would NOT let us all wait until the last minute to pull together our unit study on Antartica and Alaska. Nope. NOT ME!!!! (can you hear the copier whirring in the background!? YIKES) I DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!!

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Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Love that alien baby protruding from that gingerbread woman! :) How funny!

FHL said...

I think I'll stick to my velveeta ;o)

J did have a great time romping around the back...although he's hope hope hoping for more over night and a chance to go sledding :o) Me too ;o)

Anna said...

I know the cookies were a bad idea. Honestly, I thought that they would be fine because of the extremely high amount of preservatives in them.

They were gross... the kids insisted that they were fine. yuck.

I pitched them. :) Even the alien.

We are loving the snow too!

Anastasia said...

love your new (?) blog template!


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