Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dear sun, I miss you. can you come out to play?

My life has consisted of either snow or rain the past couple of weeks.

My back yard looked like this last week and this week it is one huge mud hole. It is amazing and I am wondering how many baths my dog can handle in one week.

The problem is that my gardener's heart is stirring. I have been thinking about this and that and I have been trying to figure out if I will go ahead and put in raised beds here to put in my veggies here at home this year, or will I forge ahead again with the gardening co-op out at the farm? Big decisions you know.

I will be honest with you all. I could easily skip this time of year. Every year. I do not enjoy winter. I desperately need to feel the sun hit my face and I think my garden preparations are really just signifying that I am yearning for summer in a major way.

Although the top picture of mine is attractive and I think it is pretty cool. I would much rather see this one below.

This one was taken at the Botanical Gardens this last summer.

This was one of My Son's sunflowers from this last summer. He planted them along side the house and they grew in a nice tall waving line. He loved them and I am sure they will make a return appearance this summer. I miss them. I miss them waving at me as I walk past.

This is a badly composed picture, but I don't care. I like that my lavender went ahead and took center stage. She stepped right up and told people how it was going to be and what things were going to be like. She bloomed hard all summer and made my day many, many days. I would go out and sit beside the lavender and run my hands through it and just smile.

I didn't save any of the blooms. I didn't cut them and do anything with them. I let them go and enjoyed them while I could. Now I am wishing that I had some remnant of that smell. I say this as I look out on the cold mud in my yard. I wish I had a remnant of that summer day. A feeling of warmth. A scent of sweet purple summer. A look of lushness.
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Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

You take such beautiful pictures. :) I can almost smell those flowers through my computer screen.
I cannot imagine living where it is freezing cold all winter. Here the weather is up and down all winter, shorts one day and sweaters the next. Wild.
Have a great night, Anna. :)

Susan said...

We've been in the dead of winter with snow for the last 3 months. Yesterday, the Sun came out and we had a beautiful 50 degree day. I did group therapy outside with the kids I work with and then we went on a walk. We were all happy.

Schotzy said...

Beautiful photography! I, too, am ready for spring and planting flowerss!

FHL said...

Well um at least you'll soon have a five fingered garden hanging from your kitchen window ;o)

Anna said...

Oh, Michelle now I will have to post about that one! LOL... two plastic gloves are now hanging from my kitchen window. Can it look any weirder around here?!

FHL said...

Hello....hello....hello.... ;o)

Miss your blog ramblings :o)

Hugs and Smiles,

(um, the wicked side of me, if I would allow it it's voice, would suggest you hang them in your front window, just for housing *wink*! But um, I didn't just share that, did I?)

©LifeShots Photography said...

GORGEOUS photos!


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