Sunday, February 8, 2009

picasa play

So, lately I have been playing more and more with doing basic editing in Picasa. I have to say that at times I am surprised what you can do with such a simple and um... free program.

This top picture is a picture of my lovely dog Liberty. Now, I have lamented over what a pain it is to take pictures of her in the past, so I was VERY pleased when I got this shot. The top one is straight out of the camera. I took this picture in the morning light as it reflected off of the deep snow. Because she is so dark usually her features are hard to make out, but the reflection of the gorgeous morning light on the snow and the light as it shone on her made for a great picture of my dog. You can even see her eyes here which are usually lost in her very dark chocolate brown fur.

I liked the picture so much that I had to play with it. The shot just below here is after I played with it a bit. So, I took it and I used the tint option (under effects) and I went down a bit on how much color I wanted to show through. Then I went ahead and added a very small bit of sunny yellow color to the picture. Then I added a bit of glow and finally I cranked up my fill light a small amount to get the washed out and ethereal look here.

Now, I like both pictures, I really don't think I have a preference in either and it was fun to do.

This shot is of me.

I was playing around taking some self portraits cause I was getting my hair cut and was thinking of going really short. I didn't, so this shot isn't really all that pertinent anymore, but I had fun editing it. I ended up doing basically the same thing to this, but I also cropped it down in a fun way.

Whenever I edit pictures of myself and I see them so large on my screen I am always shocked at the number of freckles I have. It always startles me. I suppose I just don't pay attention when I see myself in the mirror? I don't know. Anyways, if you can't afford the photoshop, don't quite give up on free. There is TONS you can do with the free program Picasa.

This by the way, doesn't mean that I am not going to be getting photoshop, it just means that I have fun trying to see what I can do for free. The one thing that is really lacking in Picasa that I want is the ability to raise and lower individual colors better and the layering abilities. I am sure that there are more, but some of that you can even get around using the other functions on Picasa.
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FHL said...

Make sure the hubs gets a copy of that one for work!!! That's a gorgeous photo of you A.!

I love the first one of L. with her big brown eyes! She's so cute!

Well I'm finally caught on earth did I miss that much!

Sending a hug, prayers that you'll be feeling much better tomorrow, and goodnights!
M~ :o)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Anna, that is a beautiful pic of you. It's hard to tell what a person looks like from a thumbnail image. :)
I love what you did with the photo of your dog. What an adorable pup!
I'm going to have to give picasa a shot!
Did you know that you can download a 1 month trial of Photoshop? I've got a couple of weeks left on mine, and I gotta say that I kind of like the free stuff better. :)
Thank you for sharing the story of your experience with The Wings Of A Dove. Sounds like you had/have a great relationship with your grandparents.


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