Wednesday, February 4, 2009

shaving spelling words write off the list

On a recent post, one of my great blog friends, Sneaky Momma, commented that when she taught school they would write their spelling words in shaving cream. Now, I will admit that I have had the kids write their words in many, many ways and I have heard of the shaving cream deal more then once, but I had yet to try it. That was all the inspiration I needed. The shaving cream was coming up soon!

The idea is to make writing a fun thing and honestly that isn't always easy. One of the problems is that when you make something fun it takes longer. That is just Murphy's law. I think nearly every time I make spelling fun it takes longer, BUT does it really? My kids learn the words better. There is no whining. It is an adventure. They LOVE it. So is it worth it? Yes. BUT... anytime you do something that really makes school downright squealing-out-loud-fun, you had better think ahead and change your normal schedule and do that squealing last. Trust me.

The shaving cream brought squeals from my kids just like I knew it would. It was super distracting for anyone else in the room trying to learn and they just loved it!

I put down the fabric cutting mat on the table. By the way, if you happen to do most of your homeschooling on the kitchen table like I do, these little puppies will save your table and your sanity. They take the beating and my wood table top doesn't have to. Lovely little guys. You can pick them up at your local sewing shop. We then propped up the spelling list and got the cookie sheet that we use for magnets out and covered it with the good stuff.

This was our poison of choice. It is what John uses every morning to shave his face and because of this the kids were worried that he would not be happy that we were using it. I told them that I would just get Daddy more.

This is what it looked like early on. My kids are not at all afriad to get dirty or messy or anything, but this did confuse my son momentarily and he actually wrote one word in the shaving cream and then washed it off his hands to start the second one. I told him to get over it. He did.

What a beautiful clean slate for writing on! Wahoo! Like fresh snow!

What this looks like with a word written in it. Much fun!

Of course, stuff like this was inevitable and you gotta roll with the punches. At least he wasn't flinging it on the walls!

On a side note, would you look at those teeth coming in?! Yikes! He is growing up.

Then things like this started happening. At least it washes out right? And really it is just like soap. He covered his arms in it and got it on his shirt and pants.

Most of my pictures of The Girl using this have her face in the picture, so I decided to just show The Boy, but here she is having a blast with it too. Like her mountains? She was trying to figure out if these were mountains which side she would want to slide down. The Boy helped her figure it out. Majorly important stuff here.

They had such fun and so did I. This was simple clean fun.

Try it out yourself!

(Oh, and if you are one of my many OCD friends then you can wait until summer comes and do this outside. They will love it and then you can hose them down before they come inside, just take some deep breathes and you can do it! )


Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

So glad you had fun with the shaving cream!!!! My lists used to look like yours, too. Comic Sans, 20 pt. :)
Thank you for keeping my family in your prayers. It's been a rough few days.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Glad you like the award. Sorry I gave you one that you already had. I tried not to do that. :( Feel free to take any award off my list that you do not have yet. You fit the criteria for all of them! :)

Edwards Family said...

I feel the last comment was stated with me in mind:) Have you tried cornstarch with water yet?:)

Anna said...

Actually we have yet to write in cornstarch and water. We just play in it. We call it clean mud.

I wonder what my kids would do if I had them write in that today?!

Oh, and the comment wasn't directly exactly at you. I have a couple of friends who are... um... free spirit challenged! But I figure that is why God had our paths meet! I add a bit of craziness into your life and you add a bit of levity to mine. Someone has to inspire me to normalcy!

Off to mix up some cornstarch and water!

skissugar said...

oh i sooo love your creativity.. I know i have to be on that OCD friend list lol.. and I love that you help bring the creative side back to our home :)

Julie said...

What fun. We haven't used shaving cream since the preschool years. I may have to pull some out. Thanks for the fun idea.

Ellen said...

This is precious! Fun with learning.

applesofgold said...

This is one of our favorite activities.

Scooter said...

Your creativity is instilling a love of learning in your little ones, I'm sure. One of my friends would use food color in water and a spray bottle, and have her kids spell in the snow. Pretty cool stuff ;-)

FHL said...

Oh NO!!! Daryl's blaming me! I'm so sorry if this is from me! PRAYING that you will be restored to perfect health and soon!!! Like tomorrow!!

Now I need to go back and read this post as the photos on my scroll down were a little different then usual :o)


FHL said...

Hmmm.....whosoever could you have been referring to *wink*

No need for hose and summer weather, I'll just send him to your house :o)

BTW, we are LOVING the game! We've already had a couple family battles....super fun!


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