Monday, February 2, 2009


We had a visitor to our yard today. The Boy looked out and saw this good size friend on the playset right over the swing. That would be about 15ft from our back door. This is not a picture I took, unfortunately, (I couldn't get to my camera in time) but is just like our new friend. The only problem is we are now pretty sure that our new friend has visited before. He seems to really like to visit our other very small sparrow friends who we feed daily.

He didn't get to feed in our backyard today, but he has in the past. We were in awe of our visitor and will call him Cooper now whenever we see him because he is a magnificent Coopers Hawk.

I will try to snap some pictures of him when I can to show you all our new buddy. Hopefully he doesn't eat all the sparrow friends though!


applesofgold said...

Cooper is gorgeous!!!!!

Scooter said...

What a beautiful bird! We have hawks who enjoy "visiting" our neighbor's bird feeder for smaller "treats" ... they are gorgeous, but also bring a good lesson in how nature is not always pretty ... ;-)

Linda said...

We have a hawk that frequents the fields behind our house as well. He likes to sit far on top of the telephone poles behind our house and Sarah and I named him "Harry Hawk" many years ago.

Now, whenever we see a hawk on top of the pole, we say "Hey, it's Harry Hawk", whether or not it's the same one or not... Harry is my Dad's name, btw.

FHL said...

How neat for your kiddos!!!

When is the season for the Eagles?


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