Monday, April 27, 2009

compassion in kolkata

I have discussed Compassion International here in the past. They are an amazing international organization that does work with impoverished children. They spread the Gospel of Jesus and they assist the child and the family in ways that are desperately needed, like school fees and clothing and food and medical help. The assistance that they offer varies from project to project and from need to need. What is amazing is what they do for these people. What YOU can do for them as well. Compassion works largely on sponsorships and what that means is that people like you and me will sponsor a child and the money that you pay each month helps that child with their needs. Knowing that someone out there cares enough to do this is huge!

What was surprising to me though was how much just having a real life person sponser them means to them. They know that someone cares. Someone believes in them. Someone LOVES them. When the children are reading the letters that are sent to them and seeing the pictures it is enough to boost their self esteem to the point where they can see the outside of the poverty stricken area they are living in. It lets them dream and dream big!

It really is amazing what $32 a month can do.

I spend that same amount every month for just one of my children to take gymnastics lessons once a week for an hour.

Just an hour a week.

When Compassion takes that same amount do you see what they can do?! It amazes me everyday.

The amazement doesn't cease... I have read accounts and read accounts of the poverty and the desperation in these places. I have seen the pictures and have f0llowed bloggers as they went on the last two Compassion trips. They are doing a trip right now in which they take bloggers and they take them to Compassion sites in a country that Compassion works in and they show them what they do and the Compassion Bloggers will show the pictures and they will tell the story. This is a very effective way to spread the news of what Compassion does. It reaches so many people to let them know of this opportunity to reach out and be blessed... blessing your socks off kind of blessed!

If you would like to follow the Compassion Bloggers on this trip as they visit India, please check out the following links.

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Please consider sponsoring a child. It is a decision that I do not believe you will ever regret.

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