Sunday, April 26, 2009

my lovely template here on my blog...

I know that my template is rather "wintry." It is a problem for me. I haven't had issues switching out templates really, the problem is that right now my computer isn't letting me download new templates. It just isn't. I have no clue why, so please just join me in putting up with winter here on my blog.

I also know that I could just switch things around without a template, but frankly people I do not have time. At all. I am lucky when I can get on here and post a little post about birds and other nonsense.

Hopefully I will fix this before we are blown away by summer... and I am still freezing my heiney off here at just to name a few... icicles.

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FHL said...

Have you looked here:

Super simple and is just a matter of copy and pasting the html into your side bar. (I use them for J's) Not as professional looking as the one's you're using, but they have a LOT of very cute backgrounds.

(BTW: I like your winter blog :o)


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