Friday, April 24, 2009

oddness and an eastern meadowlark

If I had told my friends in high school that one day I would be into bird watching I think they would have simply stared at me with shocked expressions... mouths agape. That would have been an appropriate response really.

Today however I am a very inexperienced bird watcher and the whole thing just snuck up on me.

Growing up I knew what a few of the basic birds were. I knew a robin and a sparrow and a blue jay and a cardinal and a Bald Eagle and umm... that may have been it. I knew OF many other birds but I am not sure if I could positively ID them if they landed in my yard and stared at me.

In the last few years the kids and I have started IDing more and more things. We had started IDing spiders often when we lived in OK cause we had some bad spider issues. I didn't want all spiders to die just the bad ones so I researched and researched until I knew many basic spiders and what many of their webs looked like and where they generally lived. I was driven to this out of desparation. I was scared to death of them and they were everywhere there. They really freaked me out and since the Air Force wasn't going to move us anytime soon I had to learn to live with the evil buggers.

After time we started IDing different insects and finding out more about them as well. I think much of this was initiated by gardening and my need for things to be Organic. I would figure out what type of insect was bothering my garden and then I would try to figure out the appropriate way to deal with it. This didn't always work and still doesn't but I figure that I can try.

In the more recent years we have started feeding birds in our backyard. I was able to tell the kids what many of the birds were like the ones that I mentioned above but when other birds started showing up that I didn't know and the kids asked me what they were I had a hard time telling them what they were. In the true homeschooling spirit I would simply stop what we were doing and look up the bird online and then we would know one more bird. We continued this until we knew a good list of birds that would visit our back yard. We would also see birds from afar and we would start looking them up when we got home. It made it easier when both of the kids and I would see the bird and then when we got home we would look it up online until we found it.

Today I will admit that I was quite excited when I was out at the farm and I spotted an Eastern Meadowlark. I have looked at this bird online and I knew it was fairly common, but we didn't have any in this field behind my house. I find this strange about myself and I find the whole thing rather odd. I mean... um... bird watching? I actually was excited to see an Eastern Meadowlark?! Really? My how times change.

Of course I also now get Star Wars jokes. I find that odd about myself as well. That however is a husband thing. You see, I took him for what he was a Sci-Fi geek and God Bless him, he has introduced me to all sorts of strange Sci-Fi. Someday I may recover.

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OptimusAndUs said...

That is awesome. I really do admire you and your organic/homeschooling/mothering/wife-ing lifestyle.

And because of the husband thing I can also talk Star Wars and Warcraft and basic video game lingo.

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