Monday, April 6, 2009

pack?! who is next? quack?

Oh, I am sure many of you have gathered that I love books and I especially love children's books. I would have made a very happy children's librarian if God had not seen fit to give me the lovely job I currently have.

A favorite book of nearly every child I have known is Make Way for Ducklings and I just found that very story in the news. Unfortunately, one of the ducklings is missing.
Poor Pack got duckling-napped!

What can we do to help?! Well, I really have no idea what you can do to bring Pack back to the park, but I think that a good way to show support would be to run (yes run... you can do it) out to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy of Make Way for Ducklings. It has an amazing innate charm that kids love. Eveyone must know of some child who would love to own a copy of this fantastic book. We have one on our shelf and I think it is time to bring it out for reading tomorrow.

The only other way to help would be if say, you saw someone sneaking a large bronze statue of a duck into their house. That may clue you in to call the police. So everyone look out for wandering bronze ducks. Pack is missing. We need him home!


skissugar said...

what?? you mean the bronze duck wasn't a souvenir to take?? man.. now I gotta go back to the park.. no really who would take a bronze duck.. that is crazy!! Thanks for reminding me about this great book.. gotta go reserve it at the library :)

Susan said...

Duckling found!!! Pack is back. See this article from our local news.

FHL said...

Hooray! Thanks Susan for allowing my sadness to last only for a minute!!! :o)

J and I LOVE that story. (BTW, here's a wonderful study of it in the Five in a row books too!)


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