Friday, May 1, 2009

confessions of an obsessive leach

So, I have mentioned here I believe how I can get obsessed about things.

Basically once I get interested in something I cling to it like a leach until I am well fed on information and I let go.

So, a couple of years ago I got hooked on Tolkien.

I know many people have undergone this obsession and many have felt the draw of Middle Earth (now I am sounding like an idiot).

I read everything I could get my hands on to read of his and I borrowed books with maps of Middle Earth and I rewatched the movies and scoffed at what they had changed and I dreamt a few dreams in Middle Earth (that last one was slightly hard to type) and I generally became an obsessed mad woman about it.

Now, I do slowly get over an obsession and I do move on after sucking the information stream dry and that is what slowly happened with this obsession as well. Once I have had something in my obsession sights though, I will still have a good interest in it even after the period of true obsession slows down.

You will soon see what I mean.

This morning, I did my morning routine of checking my email, checking facebook, checking a blog or two and checking a news source to scan for anything of major importance.

I saw this story and I instantly thought to myself, "OH! I need to post that to my increbibly large audience at my blog!" (sarcasm intended) And so I instantly came here to show you. Really. I kid not.

I could not figure out how to imbed this trailer for this piece of Fan Fiction work, that looks pretty amazing, but I think that most of you can figure out how to click on the link and then click on the trailer that is on the left column.

They have this website as well and really, it looks pretty good! I do think that some of the casting maybe a slight issue because we have gotten so used to seeing certain people in certain roles on the movies, but that should be but a small distraction for the movie I think.

This is by far the best piece of "fan work" I have ever seen. Now, I am judging this by the trailer, but considering they actually filmed and costumed and casted and directed and edited etc... I am highly impressed... so far.

The movie will be released this weekend over the internet and save a lawsuit to stop it from going through I will be watching it.

Me and my slightly OCD self.


Momma Snail said...

I am your new follower! I *have* to watch this tomorrow! This is awesome!!!!!

FHL said...

Oh, I do not want to meet Gollum in my dreams....that would scare the beegeebers out of me!

But you're right, for a fan production it looks incredible!!! They must have had a fortune of money to play with to produce a 40 minute short film with that kind of quality!

Rebecca said...

Girl, I LOVE Tolkein! I read them as a teenager and they've been some of my favorite books since. I could read them 10 times and not get sick of them!!

Off to check out the link...


FHL said...

The blog looks great!!

brian said...

This fan video thing looks cool. I'm going to watch it sometime. As you may know, they are coming out with the Hobbit at some point soon (?).


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