Monday, May 18, 2009

i want to learn... please?

My Mother's Day gifts this year spoke volumes to me. I was floored and delighted and almost in tears.

John took the kids out to shop and after he convinced the Girl that her present did not have to be the very best and most amazing gift in the entire world they were able to move on. They purchased their gifts and wrapped them for me and presented them to me during the afternoon.

I opened my Mother's Day gifts with absolutely no idea of what I would get. They each bought me one item and then they bought me one thing together.

My boy bought me a sweet hummingbird feeder. He has shared my love of attracting birds to our yard and this is something that he has wanted for sometime. He also knew that I would LOVE it. I do love it! It is currently hanging in our tree in the back yard and we are awaiting our little humming friends.My daughter gave me a very nice gardening book and this is ALWAYS a welcome sight in my home especially since I am a bit of a gardening addict. I have already read through much of the book and have learned quite a bit. I am excited about what else I will learn from my book.

The gift from both of them was large and rectangular and heavy. It felt obviously like a book and since I lurve books I opened it eagerly!

When I pulled back the paper I saw this massive history book.

This book is very large and is filled with maps and articles of what has happened in our world in the past.

I opened it up and my husband said, "Now you need to hear why they wanted to get this particular book for you." He had this funny grin on his face.

BOTH of my children were sitting on the floor at my feet and at this moment they both chimed in together, "We bought it for you so that you can use it to teach us more history!" They looked up at me with beaming faces, full of anticipation. My eyes grew wide and I realized that I was just given one of the biggest compliments of my entire life.

I have a great love of learning and I love learning more about history. I homeschool our children and I love bringing history alive for them. We use Sonlight history and they think that the history portion of our day is one of the best parts of each day. They often talk me into doing more then one day of history at a time.

I have succeeded in one of my goals in homeschooling. I have instilled in my children a love of learning. I know that I do not do everything right. There are many times when I question myself and what we are doing here in our little corner of the great homeschooling world, but on Mother's Day I got one of the best gifts. I got a great progress report as a homeschool teacher. Now... let's see if we can work on my progress report for organizing a house...


applesofgold said...

I love it! I wish I had you as my history teacher, I might have actually enjoyed it.

Besides the great card that I posted about on my blog, my husband and girls bought me..(drumroll please!) A bathroom scale. Yes, I have forgiven them....Just two weeks before, I had joined Weight Watchers and lost 9 pounds. But I didn't know it because I had to keep weighing myself on my friend's scale at her house. :)

FHL said...

I think you've accomplished the greater of the two. In fact, I'll make you a swap I'll tackle your house if you can convert my grumpy (as of late) learner! ;o) Please!!!

Anastasia said...

Love the new (?) template!

We had a hummingbird feeder when I grew up and it was great. The first pictures I took on my own were of birds at our feeder.

Linda said...

Wow!! My daughter would never say that to me and I was never meant to Homeschool as she and I would have just fought all the time. Best for me to leave that to her school teachers.

But I'm in awe over what you've accomplished. Your children are a blessing indeed. Lovely gifts. And love the new look to your page. :)

Jill said...

What thoughtful gifts! :) I got a wonderful giftcard to half price books (woo hoo!) and a much needed pedicure. Bliss.
I know that you don't have a button, but I could include you in my BBSM blog roll, if you wish. :)


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