Sunday, May 10, 2009

mark of a mom

This morning I wore gray pin-stripe dress pants and a black t-shirt to church. I looked so springy. Ahem. I did see other mom's completely dressed up in their cute dresses looking the beautiful sweet part of Mother's Day. Honestly, I have very few dresses and since I am away from home right now, I do not have any of the dresses with me that I own.

One of the moms that I saw was just so sweet and gorgeous looking. She had her blonde highlighted hair pulled up in the back and her make-up looked flawless. She had on a layered gauzy pink butterfly dress on with a matching light pink spring mid-thigh coat. She wore lovely jewelry and had on matching open-toe sling back heels that looked like they were of some faux alligator skin. In pink.

She looked like she walked out of a very nice magazine.


There was one slight... flaw.

(time for me to get critical on you all)

She had on a rather tacky bracelet.

It was plastic beads.


The beads didn't even cover all the yarn... they covered maybe half of the yarn. Maybe.

What was she thinking?

She didn't have kids with her... yet she wore the mark of a homemade mother's day gift rather proudly. She carefully took notes on what the preacher was teaching with the same hand on which this gift was on.

No shame.

The mark of a mother is no shame.

No shame in looking a peditrician in the eye and telling him that you will not be giving your child the said treatment because it hasn't been tested enough and your daughter is not a guinea pig.

No shame in running half-naked out of the house looking for a toddler who just pushed the door open and was heading for a busy street.

No shame in eating some strange food item that the little one is trying to feed you which was probably licked by the dog before being put in your mouth.

No shame in showing up in the ER with a baby with a high fever, while wearing smeared make-up and sweats.

No shame in walking out of a store with a young one in high-tantrum mode after you told him NO to another toy.

No shame in telling others that you chose to homeschoool.

No shame in telling people that you chose traditional school.

No shame in cancelling out on a party because your eight year old burnt his hand and now nothing is more important then just loving on him and his pain.

No shame in walking through a crowded place with a teenage child who is very into expressing themselves through their pink hair.

No shame in cheering on the only child on the team who cannot hit a baseball no matter how hard they try.

No shame in running through a crowded hospital, after a doctor, in a foreign country, while wearing nothing more then a napkin that covers your top third while otherwise wearing only panic on your face... over the life of your unborn child.

There is no shame allowed in mother's love.

No shame in wearing plastic beads on yarn.

No shame in the mark of a mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all with No Shame.


Sneaky Momma said...

Happy Mother's Day, Anna!
I love your new look. :)

D said...

That says it all- thanks Anna. Happy Mother's Day to t he BEST Tiger Cub leader on the face of the earth!!!

Julie said...

Very well said.

But it never even occurred to me that my mother would have a problem with my pink hair. ; )

Hope your Mother's Day was grand.


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