Monday, May 4, 2009

so the movie and some rambling

I enjoyed the Hunt for Gollum movie last night.

They did a release at 4 GMT, but are releasing it across the board on May 10th. I didn't get on to watch it until my kids were in bed and it didn't want to let me watch the movie. I clicked on "have problems watching it in HD, watch it in HQ" and I was able to watch it last night. I don't know if that option is working today or if you missed it if you have to wait until the 10th.

It was a good movie... very Jacksonish... and quite well done. There was, of course, ways I could tell that they had cut corners to work things into budget. BUT overall, I was very impressed with what people can do with a passion. Or obsession. It just depends on how you spin that word.

I have lots to show you from what I have been doing here. I just haven't taken all the pictures yet.

I have put up a greenhouse and started lots of little plants in it. Some are flowers which will go around my house. Some are veggies which will go in the organic garden at the farm. Regardless, my starters have worked this year. Every year I have tried to do starters and every year they don't make it. These made it!!! It was so exciting! They even made it for about 5 days when we were away and I was so pleased!

I have put in a rain barrel at the farm for watering the organic garden. This is great because we don't have to run the hose from the well house as often to water the garden and it is great because we can make Chicken Manure Tea for mid-summer fertilizing. What we can do is take a nice pile of chicken manure and put it in a nice cheese cloth bag and plop it right in a full rain barrel and then water with this great tea! My plants will love it and being a (regular Lipton) tea drinker myself I think this is great. I will post pictures of my rain barrel at the farm later.

I have been spending more time with the kids at the farm and it has refreshed my spirit. This farm has got to be one of the best things ever thought up and I have been so blessed by it. We can go out and do all sorts of farm type stuff. Organnic gardening, fishing, hunting all sorts of little critters, rain barrels, collecting eggs, playing in the hay loft, feeding horses and playing with baby goats and hiking all over looking for tracks and talking about all we see. Really, the farm is a working farm, it is quite redneck and very rustic and farm dogs and farm filth abounds but I am becoming so attached to this farm that I don't know what I am going to do when we leave here for another base.

When we leave here we will have been here for four years and we will have once again dug in our roots very deep.

I have problems imagining that I will ever find anything as great as this farm anywhere else.

I have to believe that wherever we go God will have even more awesome opportunities for growth for our family.

In the meantime I am here. I am here loving where I am and loving the absolutely incredible friends that I have here.

I do believe that the next place we live will have more amazing oppotunities for us that we will be ready for when we move there. I will not get lost in my ponderings of the present. I will keep my focus up. (that last part is me admonishing myself... you were just along for the read)

Do you want to know what the real problem is? I am borrowing trouble. I do not move for a year and a half.

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FHL said...

I mind has already started borrowing trouble as well. Not fun thoughts.

OK, um I have one little issue with this post and I think it's the wording. "nice pile of chicken manure and put it in a nice cheese cloth bag and plop it right in"

A) there is nothing "nice" about a pile of ckn manure &
B) I'm with John the whole tea name just has to go! Icky! ;o)


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