Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have been a naughty blogger. I am going to try to catch up with life here just a little bit. BUT there are likely to be large gaps. First of all, this blog is really more of a random picture and writing blog and here I am sharing kid pictures. Sneaky though.

We attended our first cub scout camp this year and it was all they said it would be and SO much more.

Shooting Archery!

Shooting BB guns!

Fun campfires!
We took our Boy and one of his fellow cub scouts with us and had such a fun time. Every day there we would rotate through six different stations, which we hiked to around the camp. So, everyday we did BB guns, Archery, Fishing, Crafts (like making a worm home), Science (like making a bug catcher, with wood burning included!), and Games (like Tug of War). On the last day the boys in our group did a fun song together with our other scouts and we had such a fun time. Our boys were filthy and completely worn out everyday. I have tons of pictures and you should probably keep an eye out for them on our family blog page.

This was how we spent just a portion of our summer...

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FHL said...

Looks fabulous!!! (And I am SOOOO not showing these pictures to J! I would never hear the end of it!!! *wink*)

Linda said...

I'm not at all used to boy things, but looks like you had a fun time! :) My sister-in-law, in Canada, is entirely into Scouting - She's been involved in it all of her life, throughout her now-grown childrens' lives and continues with it still. She loves it.

Me, I'm just not a camper, unless it's in our tent in our backyard. :)


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