Monday, March 1, 2010

kids book review---Leo The Late Bloomer

So, I had almost stopped blogging in any way shape or form and now look at me! Two posts in a week. Granted one was just incredibly depressing, but this is life here folks.

Alright, so once upon a time I really thought that I would review some children's books here on my blog cause I love children's books and read tons of them and have some very strong opinions on many of them. BUT when you do read tons of children's books that usually means you are reading them and running with kids and not writing things online. Well, except for those people who seem to manage it all, but I am not one of those people.

I read a book from the Library the other day to my kids and we loved it. The three of us just sat there and read it three times in a row and with kids my kids ages we do not do that all that often anymore. Back in the day that was all I ever did, the same books over and over and over, but now they are good with reading different ones each time and their favorites over again just now and again.

This book they all loved. My daughter picked this out at the Library, although it reminded me the most of my Boy.

The title is Leo the Late Bloomer, by Robert Kraus, and it is a delightful book. It is about a Tiger cub named Leo, who shockingly is a Late Bloomer. I know... I know... strange since that is what the title says.

Leo's dad worries about him. Leo's mom is convinced that he will bloom. Leo's dad watches him constantly looking for signs of blooming and in the end Leo does what Leo's mom knew he would do. He blooms beautifully.

I read this book with it's sweet lyrical quality and nearly cried. Now, I know that I am on the emotional side right now, and I get that, but this had nothing to do with my daughter, this had everything to do with my Son.

My Boy has been a late bloomer.
He didn't read when all his buddies started reading. He had ZERO interest in writing anything... including his name. He did not want to draw things, but loved using just colors and circles and things. I worried. I fretted. I pushed him with school. I put him in situations at church he just personally wasn't ready for. People told me that he just needed shoved off in that direction. They told me that sometimes it would be painful for kids but it was best for them. They questioned my parenting. I sat and watched and worried and prayed.

I started him a year late in cub scouts in a younger level. I relaxed. He found books he loved. He learned to love writing. He found his voice. He bloomed.

When we finished reading this book for the second time last night my little Leo just snuggled into me and you could almost hear my little lover of Tigers purr. This story was his and it does have a beautiful ending.

I highly recommend this book. It is good for your late bloomers to relate to and it is good for all children to see differences and to understand about that. We are different, but we all bloom at some time or another and each bloom though different is gorgeous and amazing in it's own blooming way.

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