Saturday, May 8, 2010

my compassion mother's day gift

A few days ago I received a new letter from our sponsored child, Brayan. We sponsor Brayan through Compassion International. I also do volunteer work through Compassion but this is really about him today and not quite as much about Compassion. Getting a letter from Brayan is always very exciting and this one was no different! It came with a picture of him with a box and a huge smile on his face. It reads as follows:

Receive a cordial greeting full of a lot of kisses and hugs. May the Lord Jesus bless you and protect you. I thank you very much for that beautiful gift: it is a pair of shoes and some socks. Thanks-you for thinking of me. I feel very happy for being at the Project, because they are giving me many things like: the Word of God and how to obey my parents. I also want to tell you that I am back at school. I want to ask you: what was your favorite subject? Please, I ask you, in a very special way, to keep on praying for me. I say bye with hugs and a lot of love.


Now, this is a great letter and it in and of itself would have been extremely well loved in my home and reread by us many times BUT... what I noticed after reading it is that his instructors name WASN'T on it. Usually it will say towards the bottom of the letter,"Written by Mary C**** because Brayan isn't old enough to write the letter on his own." Suddenly I noticed that this wasn't mentioned this time and I looked up at the top portion of the letter to find that the cursive writing at the top of the letter, where it is written in the original Spanish, was certainly that of a child. My eyes widened as I realized that I was holding Brayan's first letter written by his own hand to us! This letter will be treasured even more then the others from him. I have loved watching this little boy grow. It is now almost two years since we first sponsored Brayan. His hair has darkened as his nutrition has improved. His smile is brighter and he often talks to me now about prayer in his letters. He seems to also talk to us in a more familiar way and I love answering his questions and sending him letters back with small gifts enclosed.

My son, so far away in Colombia gave me such an honorable Mother's Day gift.

Please join me in praying for Brayan, and for his family. Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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